1972 Datsun 240Z. The IceHound Z was a 2 1/2 year ground-up restoration. Designed, planned, and sourced by me, it was a logistical challenge as parts couldn't be stored and mangaing the timing of the parts purchace and shipping relied on the area of the car being restored. This consisted of an L28 engine with rebuilt triple mikuni side draft carbs that pushed the 2200 lb two seater forward with over 200 rwhp, S2000 seats, a kalimari spoiler, ZG flairs, 9.5” wheels front, 10.5” back with backspacing allowing 1/4" clearance. It was hand sanded to perfection and professionally painted and clear-coated with care. It was absolutely stunning and it drove like it looked. It was inpractical and made you smell like exhuast and I loved it, but I needed to buy a new roof for my house at the time so sold it and found an old Jeep CJ-7 to work on.

Do a search, it's gone viral several times: